Please read before posting anything

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Please read before posting anything

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:17 am

Please read these rules carefully:

As you see,Language is very inportant to these forums as there may be younger users.This includes Racism,Sexual Content and Swearing.None of this will be tolerated and you will get banned for it.Although I will be around alot and moderating every post but you still cannot post bad language.

Double Posting
Double posting is when you post twice in a row on the same topic.Please do not do that because It is really annoying.You can only post when some one post first then you can post again.

Bumping is when you post in a topic that is over a week old.If you do this it will get annoying and you might get banned.
Flaming is another word for arguing with other users.If a mod/admin sees you doing this,he/she will tell you to stop.If you refuse,the consiquences will be dealt

Offensive and Bad Pictures
If you happen to have a innapopriate picture,We will give you an infraction.

Useless posts and Spam.
The title says it, if you make a useless post with just a smiley in it or one word like 'lol' or ' ' then that post wll be deleted and you will be told to read the rules again.

Thank you for reading,We hope you have a good time here.


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